These easy duets were published around 1796/97 by Pleyel’s own publishing house both as Six Duos faciles et progressives for two violins and as Six nouvelles Sonatines progressives for piano and violin, though we do not know today which version came first. To this day, the violin duets are favorites for use in violin lessons, but also for making music at home.

Though lesser known today, around 1800 Ignaz Pleyel numbered among the most popular composers in Western Europe – which may at first come as a surprise, but which to judge from these very appealing pieces, manageable for advanced beginners, is easily understandable. With an unmarked score and two marked solo parts, the Urtext edition provides optimal material for use in teaching.

곡 리스트

  • Six easy Duets op. 48
  • Duet D major op. 48,1
  • Duet d minor op. 48,2
  • Duet G major op. 48,3
  • Duet B flat major op. 48,4
  • Duet A major op. 48,5
  • Duet E flat major op. 48,6