As Court Music Director in Cöthen, Johann Sebastian Bach devoted himself primarily to instrumental music. Among the works written there were his Sonatas for violin and obbligato harpsichord BWV 1014–1019, which have come down to us as a complete cycle. The violinist and harpsichordist/pianist are equally challenged here, and the sonatas – together with Bach’s flute and viola da gamba sonatas – lay the foundation for the duo sonata in the modern sense, as the usual accompanying function of the basso continuo yields to an independent keyboard part that lends each sonata an individual profile. Our edition is largely based on the manuscript copies made by Bach’s son-in-law Altnickol. The Sonata in G Major BWV 1019 exists in quite varying versions, each with different individual movements. For this reason, two older versions of the Sonata are published here in an appendix, making this Urtext edition especially valuable for Bach enthusiasts too.

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  • Violin Sonata c minor BWV 1017
  • Violin Sonata f minor BWV 1018
  • Violin Sonata G major BWV 1019
  • Appendix A: The probably oldest version of the Sonata 6 BWV 1019 G major without BWV
  • Appendix B: The probably second oldest version of the Sonata 6 BWV 1019 G major BWV 1019a